Antares Models is a producer and mail-order Company specialized in limited edition resin/metal conversion kits. You are welcome to place your orders using PayPal.


  • Step 1: Put your selected items into the Shopping cart, clicking the "Add to Cart" button.
  • Step 2: If you wish to buy one item only, click "Show Cart", the blue button under "My Cart"
  • Step 3: Click "Select a Zone"
  • Step 4: Click "Update Cart"
  • Step 5: Click on PayPal button.

Our site re-directs you to PayPal payment page, where you need to add your PayPal e-mail and password.

Finally, after checking the information (quantity of items, shipping address, etc) click the "pay" button for performing the purchase.

For buying multiple items, put the selected items into the shopping cart. You can check in any moment the status of your cart, clicking "My Cart" button. Clicking "Continue Shopping" the site re-directs you to the last item selected. For erasing all items from the cart, just click "Clear".

Once your selected items are into the cart, select a zone and follow the steps 3 and 4. (See above)

If you want to remove an item from the cart, click on "remove".